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 Once upon a time there was a little snail, Macaria, that wanted to travel around the world. She brought her little house, with all the objects she needed. Macaria was little, pink and shiny and her house was purple and silver.

Macaria walked slowly and one day she met a little dog running fast and barking at the small snail. She was scared, the little dog knew that he had scared Macaria and so he apologized: “ Sorry –  said the dog – I didn’t want to scare you, but tell me why you walk so slowly”.

The little snail answered: “ I walk slowly because I had no legs to run or wings to fly, just a soft pink body to crawl on”. But she felt lucky because she met many friends who stopped to talk with her.

“ Where are you going?” asked the dog” –  and Macaria said: ” I’ m going to a place where I can live quietly without being teased by anyone. A place where skin color is not important, a place where one can count for what he/she really is”.

The dog, decided to follow Macaria. Together they will be visiting all that places away from bullying dogs that always made fun of him. They arrived at “Water-land” after three days of walking, tired and hungry. A very nice frog asked them to stay there forever. Then, she  prepared a hot soup and a cup of milk to welcome them. It was the beginning of a new life for the two friends who wanted to travel the world but decided to stay in that place called “ Water-Land”.

Water-Land is the life, it is the strenght, it is the hope and Macaria along with her friends is coming to live a new life without fear, but happy to get together with their differences.

Silvia Ferrari

Insegnante, pedagogista e autrice

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